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You will be allocated a week in the 4-week schedule, each week is colour coded. For example if you are allocated on the yellow week schedule Clean Bins IOM will clean and sanitise your bin on your refuse collection day where the calendar is coded yellow.  Over the course of a year you make 12 monthly direct debit payments and receive 12 cleans for each bin chosen on our Standard Service. Bins are cleaned on four weekly intervals and there will be some months in which you will receive an extra clean.


Monthly by direct debit is our only accepted method of payment for a regular service. The minimum period is 12 months. After12 months direct debits roll on monthly until you wish to cancel. When paying by direct debit there will be some months in which you will receive an additional clean. These additional cleans take into account any missed cleans in the four week period when we are closed over Christmas and New Year (we close at the end of the last full working week before Christmas)

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